Our story

Arindra had recently moved to London.

With a lot less space than he had before, he was looking for new ways to fulfill his love of gardening. He was in a very different climate, and did not know what could be grown, nor did he know anyone else around him who shared his passion.

He soon met Naomi, who was using her rooftop as a garden.

Naomi knew the benefits of gardening, and was passionate about sustainability. She wished there was a way to inspire more people to garden in urban areas.

The two friends bonded over their love of gardening and they shared their experiences and frustrations with each other over a cup of green tea.

They got in contact with other gardeners and realized they were not alone in their frustrations. After a lot of talking, musing, and brain racking, Greenseed was born. This would be a single online gardening platform that would encourage and educate people, whilst connecting local people and strengthening communities.

Gardening has so many benefits — it is one of the best things we can do for the environment, and it is amazing for mental and physical health. This is why we want to optimise the experience, and get everyone growing plants and food.

Whether it is growing some plants on your windowsill, or having an allotment plot, garden, or greenhouse, we can all do something to make a difference and feel great. You might even start growing in places where nothing grew before. Whatever it is, Greenseed will give you the connection, support, and motivation to get the most from your experience.

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